11 Facts & FAQs About Jesse Drent, Famous Instagram Equestrian (2023)

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When Jesse Drent got his first horse at eleven, he had no idea where their journey would lead. A reluctant rider at the time, Jesse found a different way of being with horses that inspired equestrians worldwide.

Jesse Drent is an accomplished horse trainer, model, influencer, and author from the Netherlands. He holds regular performances with his team called Nalata and shares his life with horses on various social media platforms. His Instagram so far has over 415k followers!

Jesse’s main philosophy is about working with horses in a positive way. In his words, this means:

Never forget to enjoy the things you do, the moments you share. That’s how it all starts, and you should always strive for that feeling to stay. Work as a team with your horse and work without expectations. You won’t believe the gifts you’ll get (Source: jessedrent.nl).

Here are 11 fascinating facts and FAQs about Jesse Drent!

Jesse’s Philosophy of Working with Horses in a Positive Way

Jesse Drent realized from early on that horses are drawn to positive emotions and interactions. Over the past decade, he developed his training method using his intuition and knowledge about equine behavior, wellbeing, health, and development.

While it’s safe to say that Jesse Drent mastered the art of communicating with horses, he never stopped learning.

For me, it’s essential to stay open-minded and to keep learning every day; this helps me adapt to any horse presented to me as it’s our job to work around them. I have found that working in a positive way with horses and people has given me the most in return,” he shared on his website.

Also known as “the Dutch Horse Whisperer,” Jesse Drent is passionate about helping people achieve their goals with horses. He believes every horse-human combination can learn to work well together, and he has helped thousands of students through his lesson program.

I really like that I get to work with such a variety of horses, including my own amazing team. We have travelled Europe doing what we love, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to help others along their journey.

How Jesse Drent Got Into Horse Riding

According to an interview with the FEI, Jesse Drent started riding horses when he was only eight years old. After spending three years at a riding school, his parents bought Jesse his first horse. They chose a beautiful and sweet mare called Andorra for Jesse to continue riding on.

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While Jesse adored the horse, he also started losing confidence in himself as a rider. He often ended up just lunging the horse or enjoying her company instead of going for a ride.

Eventually, Jesse started teaching her some tricks for fun and soon discovered this is what they both enjoyed the most.

The first trick was a kiss, and after that I wanted her to do more, and Andorra was happy to learn them with me. I just used my ideas to teaching her the tricks, and I was really motivated after I realizedthat the horse started to communicate with me,” he told the FEI.

The more tricks Andorra learned, the stronger their bond seemed to become. In the end, Jesse got back in the saddle and has never stopped riding again.

Jesse Drent’s Horses

Jesse Drent owns four horses; Andorra, Macho, Antares, and Gaio. They all live with him on his small farm in the Netherlands.

Learn more about each horse below:


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Due to the history they share, Andorra is the most remarkable horse in Jesse Drent’s life. She taught him the basics of communicating with horses that helped Jesse develop his unique training technique.

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Andorra is a bay NRPS (Dutch Riding Horse or Pony) mare owned by Jesse Drent. The pair have been working together for the past fourteen years, during which they developed an unbreakable bond.

On his website, Jesse claims Andorra (a.k.a. Annie) taught her everything. Whenever the horse refused to do something, Jesse would try to figure out the cause and search for a solution.

Step by step, they found a way of working in harmony together, and the results are just astonishing!

Jesse always talks very affectionately about Andorra. “She is my “once in a lifetime” horse. I owe her everything,” he shared with readers on his website.

Besides Andorra, Jesse performs with a few other amazing horses. His daily routine consists of riding around six young horses, after which he teaches trick training lessons. His performing team comprises four main horses: Andorra, Macho, Antares, and Gaio.


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Macho is the smallest member of Jesse’s team. He is a black Shetland Pony stallion who can perform some mighty movements.

According to Jesse, Macho also has a good sense of humor and a unique ability to make people laugh.

“My first impression of him was one of a puppy. I am really proud of how he’s matured. Every day he keeps a smile on my face and his trusting look I saw in him from the beginning,” Jesse said.

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Antares is an eye-catching cream gelding and the third horse to come into Jesse’s life. He only recently started performing with the horse in front of audiences, as Antares needed to adjust to his new lifestyle.

However, Jesse is very optimistic about their future together:

“Even though we are just at the beginning, every day I can see him giving me more of himself. I look forward to the day I can understand him just as well as Annie. Antares has surprised me with his enthusiasm for the work and will soon be taking the show world to the next level. He is a very special horse.”


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Gaio is Jesse Drent’s gorgeous buckskin Lusitano gelding. Jesse says that although he comes from the world of bullfighting, he has a caring and gentle soul.

(Video) Riding my ex bullfighting horse without a bridle!

Given his breed and background, Gaio is very talented in high school dressage and knows a few tricks.

On his website, Jesse reveals more about the horse’s personality. “Gaio is one of these horses that won’t show his true self just to anyone straight away. But once you get there, you have found gold..”

Jesse Drent Gives Regular Performances and Clinics

Jesse Drent has had the pleasure of traveling the world doing what he loves. Jesse gives public performances almost every week with Eva Roemaat and their Nalana team.

In each show, he demonstrates his horses’ many talents by performing complex dressage movements and tricks with no tack, all to the rhythm of the music.

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What’s more, Jesse Drents regularly holds clinics where he explains how to work with horses positively. Audiences will receive a detailed overview of Jesse’s method and its benefits.

As part of the clinic, Jesse will demonstrate several examples of applying his principles in everyday training.

Jesse also likes to connect with his students one-on-one or as a group. During a lesson, he determines where a horse and student are in their journey and the next step towards their final goal.

To book a lesson, visit Jesse Drent’s website here.

Nalanta is Jesse Drent’s Own Equestrian Brand

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As if being a successful horse trainer and model wasn’t enough, Jessie Drent founded his equestrian brand! All the products of Nalanta prioritize the horse’s comfort and wellbeing and are suitable for all riders.

With his brand, Jesse wants to convey the message that working with horses stems from a great passion we all share.

Jesse Drent’s Nalanta shop caters to both horse and rider. Browsing through the shop, you will find various products aimed at bitless riders and a selection of Nalanta merchandise.

Talking about his enterprise, Jesse shared: “I am very excited and grateful that I get to produce my products, and I will always aim for the best for the horse. I feel very lucky and so happy with the success the brand has had so far and I look forward to the future!”

Is Jesse Drent a Model?

Besides being an equestrian performer and influencer, Jesse Drent is also a part-time model. He goes to castings whenever his time allows, although his horses keep him busy throughout the year.

Horses will always be Jesse Drent’s number one priority. However, it’s good to change things up now and again, and modeling has undoubtedly contributed to Jesse’s success as an influencer.

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How Old is Jesse Drent?

Jesse Drent is currently 25 years old. He was born on 23 November 1995 in Borculo, Netherlands.

Jesse Drent has already achieved so much in his career despite his young age. He obtained and trained several horses to perform internationally in merely a decade and gained an enormous following. His journey is, without a doubt, an inspiration to every equestrian.

Jesse Drent and Matt Harnacke

Jesse Drent and Mattia Harnacke have been best friends for many years. They share several common interests, such as vlogging, modeling, trick training, and dressage. The two live on a small farm in the Netherlands, where they train their horses and collaborate on YouTube videos.

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Jesse and Matt initially met on social media, and their common passions brought them together. Just like Jesse, Matt is also an equestrian influencer and model.

Over his career, he modeled for big brands like Longines, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani, Back on Track, and even the FEI!

Matt Harnacke is active on Instagram, where he gathered a remarkable 710k followers. He also became one of the biggest Equestrian YouTubers and currently has 393k subscribers on his channel. He frequently posts videos about his dressage stallions and things he gets up to with his roommate Jesse.

Jesse Drent also has his own YouTube Channel where he shares his barn life with his 177k subscribers. Since March 2008, his channel has gathered a whopping 16 million views!

Although he’s not as active on the platform as Matt, Jesse uploads videos now and again about his horses.

Is Jesse Dating Matt Harnacke?

Contrary to rumors, Jesse Drent is not dating Matt Harnacke. The two are close friends and business partners, but have never been more.

Both Jesse Drent and Matt Harnacke keep their dating lives hidden from their followers. The fact that there’s no information about their relationship status has led some fans to believe Jesse and Matt are dating each other. However, this has assumption has never been confirmed and is most likely false.

Here is a fun video of day to day life with Jesse and Matt:

What’s Next For Jesse Drent?

When the FEI asked about his plans, Jesse Drent revealed he likes things the way they are now. He would like to continue training horses, performing on shows, and giving trick training lessons. He is living a dream life, after all!

However, even successful people aspire to do something bigger. Similarly, Jesse Drent would one day like to perform in arenas where the world’s greatest equestrian events occur.

He also shared that liberty horse trainer Alizée Froment and showjumper Jeroen Dubbeldam inspire him the most.

(Video) I made a big decision about my EX Bullfighting Horse

Don’t forget to follow Jesse Drent on Instagram and YouTube.


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